Lana'i Ohana Connection

Welcome to Lana'i Ohana Connection! We’re a community coming together to provide learning opportunities for our keiki to continue their schooling while receiving the benefits of high-quality and in-person education.

Who We are

Parents and members from the Lana'i community who have joined together to promote child and youth success in school and beyond.

What We Do

1) We prioritize efforts to empower parents to advocate for changes that benefit all children and enable them to realize their full potential.2) Listen and share parents' concerns with educators and educational leaders.3) Bring people together to solve issues related to children's overall well-being.4) Raise awareness about ways families can help their children.

How We Can Help

Connecting families to resources to help their children. If we don't have an answer to your question, we will try to find an answer and connect you to others who can help.

With leaders on the island, partners who care across the State of Hawaii and nationally, we can share how to start your own 'ohana pod, or how to get resources.

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Partnership & Resources:

HawaiiKidsCAN, LHES Foundation, GeorgiaCAN, 50Can, Co-Teach

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